Wednesday, July 22, 2009

George and Sweetie

First there were Snooozy and Strawberry- two friendly, sleepy elephants who like to snooze in our backyard.

Now there is George and Sweetie. George is a 'fiendy' (friendly) monster who loves to tickle. He really enjoys tickling Seren when she is at the dinner table. He is five years old and lives in NYC. His little sister is three ("Like me!") whose name is Sweetie. Sweetie also lives in New York city. They visit our home frequently and are very pleasant to be around.

Seren's imagination is just running wild. She say things like, "Mom, the fiendy monsters are a little bit hungry. Can we feed 'em crackers?"

Could life be any more fun? I wonder how long we'll hear about these guys. I should ask her to describe what they look like. Are they furry? Bald? More cartoon? More stuffed animal? I wonder.

Thanks for your comments and encouragment about sleep. Some nights are good, some are bad. I'm going to try not stress about it! We will be going away on vacation which will be very wacky- we'll see what we get. And then when we come home, I think Wy guy is moving in with Seren.

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Beth said...

Imaginary friends are the best! Mine growing up was Trala (pronounced "Trah-lah"--funny how sure I am that she spelled her name that way!) My brother's friends were CB the alligator and Nancy the Friendly Sharp (shark). CB lived in the wood pile and Nancy swam around the swing set. Our family still gets a kick out Trala, CB, and Nancy stories.