Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Awesome Weekend

My parents provided us with a much needed break from waking up at 5:15am. They took both kids from Saturday at 12 until Sunday around 5pm! YAHOO!!

And what did we do? Did we spend the weekend in a romantic getaway in the Poconos? Did we get massages? Did we go bike riding?


We cleaned the garage! And planted plants! And scrubbed! It was pathetic on the romance scale but super productive on the 'get out house in order' scale!


When we have spent nights away before it was weddings or a hotel escape. It is truly odd to be home without the kids there. We found ourselves tiptoeing around at night even though no one was there! And we found ourselves feeling rushed even though there was no nap schedule to keep. It was a strange feeling to just have...well...weekend time.

And my god it was good! I woke up at 5:35 but then giggled and fell back to sleep until 8:30! And then we made breakfast slowly and gasp (!) read the paper! We also went out to dinner on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day so we took a hike and just enjoyed being together without the constant stress and noise of two children. I actually sat down and had a meal with my husband and heard the birds. Heard birds chirping!

Meanwhile, while we planted and cleaned, the kids were having a blast! My parents took them out to dinner, took them to a fun playground and then went to an orchard!

My parents are the perfect combination of silly grandparents, playmates and discipliners. Both sets of grandparents treat us so well and love all of us despite our imperfections. We are truly lucky! Here is a picture of my parents and the kids. (Notice the hulk) Next up? A post about our weekend with the Angus family!

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LauraC said...

I would kill for a kid-free weekend to get so much stuff done! So glad you had a good time!