Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wyeth is 9 months! Inside-Outside Day!

My friend Laura wrote this post back in 2007 about how she celebrated the fact that her twin boys were on the outside as opposed to the inside. I began reading her blog around that time, my first experience with a 'blog'. And got inspired.

In honor of the fact that Wyeth was inside me for 264 days and has now been outside for 274 days, I'm celebrating my own inside-outside day! My sweet pea is nine months!

Since I am no longer pregnant, today, I will NOT:
* I will not waddle
* I will not look like this (which by the way is a picture of me in labor right
before we left for the hospital)

* I will not sleep on a Hefty Garbage bag incase my water breaks
* I will not wonder aloud to Sam, "Will this be the day!?"
* I will not drive to work with my packed suitcase in my trunk of my car
* I will not wonder if I would have a c-section
* I will not time contractions all day
* I will not take nifedipine to stop the contractions. I also will not get dizzy from taking them every 4 hours.
* I will not get a shot in my ass of projesterone on Tuesday to prevent pre-term labor.

Since I have a baby OUTSIDE, I will:
* I will change a poopy diaper at 5 or 6 am
* I will look like something like this

* I will not sleep through the night
* I will nurse my baby to sleep
* I will look at my squishy belly and think about pregnancy
* I will get snuggled
* I will get spit up on
* I will eat brie
* I will seek out a glass of wine
* I will make my Wyeth laugh

Wyeth, you are such a love! You are Mr. Active! You have learned to crawl and then to pull yourself up. I have found you standing in your crib the last few days.

You continue to eat most of what we put before you. (The exception being peas).

And (knock on wood), you have somewhat of a schedule! You wake up at 5:30 or 6 and are back down by 9 am. You sleep until 11 and then play until around 2pm. You usually sleep for another 90 minutes and are back into bed by 8 pm.

You and Seren are sharing a room which on good nights, is a great idea. But most nights, it hasn't worked out too well. You usually end up in your pack and play in the downstairs front room. But we are working on that.

You have no interest in books- preferring still to eat them.

Currently, you have four teeth- your canine teeth are still working themselves in (two uppper) and your two lower teeth are all the way in.

You haven't said anything yet but love to 'coo' when you see the cats walking by.

Wy guy, how are you 9 months already? Sigh. You are growing so fast. We are so proud that you are YOU. Both sets of grandparents and many extended Aunts and Uncles love you to pieces. May you always know how deeply loved you are. Happy 9 months, buddy!

Edited to add: Wyeth's stats at 9 months: 20.5 lbs (50%) and 30 inches (75%)


Beth said...

Happy Inside Out Day! He is so freakin' cute. And that last picture is fantastic! Hope you enjoyed the wine and cheese.

LauraC said...

Happy Inside Out Day! I LOVE the pics, love the smiles, and love love love this post.

Julie said...

I love the pics, especially the last one with Wyeth's smile! I also love the pregnant photo--my belly looks exactly like that right now!

bethhague said...

Hhugs to you two on his nine month celebration.