Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Steps!

Wyeth is a few days short of his 10 month birthday but managed to take three steps last night!! Yahoo!

I got all teary! He has been standing for a few seconds then five seconds and now maybe 15 seconds before he flops down. But last night, all of us were cheering him on and he did it! He was SO happy with himself and Sam and I were cheering like crazy! It was tentative, of course, and I don't expect him to feel stable for many more weeks/months but the fact that he took those first one step and then later two steps!? Amazing...

LOVE watching my children grow. And it was cool that both Sam and I were there for it! Right infront of our play tent in his little blue sweatpants. And before I had a moment to just breathe in that milestone, Seren or Wyeth needed something and the magic was over.

But still...that one is going in the babybook!

Here is a picture from last week that I like:


Beth said...

Wow--already! He's not wasting any time. I'm sure he wants to keep up with Seren. Go Wyeth!

LauraC said...

Go Wyeth! And wow, that is SO EARLY! Alex was walking at 10 months and he was into everything!!!