Friday, September 25, 2009

I wanna play! Phone Photo Friday

My blogging friends are playing photo Friday where they post pics from their camera phones. Getting my pictures off my phone onto another phone and on the web has taken a tremendous effort. My office mate can attest to this! Every week I would come by and say, "HELP!"

Anyway...without further ado I present some of the pictures that have been stuck in my phone for over three years. All featuring my Seren.

The first picture is a picture I took of Seren when my mother in law and I were moving from Madison to our new life in PA. We stayed at a hotel and Seren looked so small admist the pile of pillows!

Here is Seren with her shades on in L-town.

She loved this tub for the longest time. It had a large beak that 'quacked'.


LauraC said...

I love it!!! She looks so little!

We had the same exact duck and Alex screamed bloody murder whenever we tried to put him in it :(

Julie said...

Holy crap--you totally forget that these 3 year olds were once babies! She is so cute!!!