Thursday, September 24, 2009

Half Baked Lessons

Seren started preschool last week and has been FILLED with stories about Rachel, Snydney and Ritchie. And new songs! And stories of apples and experiments with apples. It is so fun to hear about her life outside of our home. She has come up with some of the class rules. When asked which rule she thinks the class should have, she replied, "No lying on the floor- someone might step on you." Good stuff.

Anyway, she is already learning a lot. I love it!

But apparently she wasn't listening too carefully to the lessons about the Jewish new year celebration of Rosh Hashanah.

Tonight, sitting in front of her world map placemat she turned to us and asked Sam, "Dad, where is Rosh Hashanah!?"

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Beth said...

Seren is hysterical! You oughta sell your stories to Reader's Digest. That's awesome that she's loving school so much.