Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jackhammers Arrive today

Our house is a neverending source of good stories. Sewers that back up. Repeatedly. And need to be replaced. Floors that need to be replaced. Heaters too. So today, just a mere 10 days before Christmas, the jackhammers arrive.


When we looked for a home, we were sure we wanted three things: 1)Hardwood floors 2)A working dishwasher and 3)Good schools.

One out of three ain't bad. (We got the good schools!) Actually our first time being home buyers was...eye opening. We were naive and stupid to put it midly! Fast forward to 3 years later.

We need hardwood floors because of my allergies and the fact that we have cats who look at our carpets and think, "Bonus! A cat stratching post that covers the entire room!" So, bit my bit, our cats have destroyed our carpet. One pees. The other pukes. It is a sore subject for me, the person allergic to the cats!

So we have pulled up the carpet bit by bit. And then in early November, we pulled up the entire living room/dinning room. All of this was in preparation for the new floors. Then we realized, while we are living on concrete, we should replace our OLD heating system which doesn't work in two rooms. No point in covering it up with gorgeous floor if we are replacing it in like 3 years. So then, instead of moving ahead with the new floors, we had to identify a contractor to the heating system. So as of today, we will begin the baseboard work. Jackhammers arrive at 9 am this morning!

Last night we spent 2 hours packing up our entire first floor, moving all of the furniture out (my Dad and Mom helped on Sunday too) and prepping our place for the work. Keep in mind that we have a new walker who only has concrete to walk on (awesome) AND the fact that our Christmas tree is in our upstairs bedroom while we have this work done.

We have only had three years to do this work. But lets do it 10 days before Christmas. Ya know, because we are BORED. Bored stiff!

Lets hope this is not too painful. The new work is good to get done. But wow, painful for me to live in choas. I really, really don't do well with disorganization and chaos.


LauraC said...

I don't know how you do it. I think it would drive me crazy right before the holidays! We had to replace our downstairs HVAC this year and that only took a day and I was going crazy with the people coming and going in our house and outside.

Would love to see before and after pics!

Beth said...

Honestly, there is NO good time to do home renovations. So you might as well get it done when you can. I hope it all goes smoothly, and that you'll be enjoying your gorgeous hardwood floors in no time! (But I have to warn you, toddlers are HARD on hardwood!)