Monday, December 14, 2009

Squash Soup

I had a run in with squash soup this weekend that I won't easily forget.

We had a busy weekend. This weekend we had a good time doing several awesome things- three of which I hope will be a tradition! On Sunday, Seren and Sam made sugar cookies while I put Wyeth down and did some cleaning. The cookies rocked! And one of my favorite moments was Seren and I dancing like goofballs in the kitchen - both of us hyped up on cookies. We were singing Jingle Bells at the top of our lungs! Score 1tradition I want to keep up.

Then we made four plates full of cookies and gave them to our neighbors. We have done this in the past too. Seren and I delievered them in a little basket (felt like Little Red Ridinghood) and chatted with our neighbors. She loved it and we feel it celebrates, a little bit, the spirit of Christmas. Score tradition two.

Later, after nap, my parents joined us and we went to Shadybrook Farms to see the lights. It was pouring rain (boo) but basically, you drive around in your car and ooh and ahh at all of the lights! Awesome! We had a blast. Then we all went out to dinner. My mom purchased Seren some antlers so we had dinner with red antlers on. All the while saying, "I'm Dancer! NO! I'm Comet! No, this time I'm Francer!" (Francer!?) Score tradition three.

A tradition I don't want to relive brings me back to the squash soup. Saturday night, we went to celebrate a friends' baby first birthday. She and her husband, a colleague, had a very, very nice party at a Korean restaurant to celebrate the baby's dol. (Traditional Korean first birthday celebration). As soon as we got there, Wyeth didn't look well. He had a red rash. His face was totally flush and he was lethargic. He had been teething and we feared that the teeth were really causing him trouble. Then a fever happened. All within 30 minutes. While this was going on, we had a yummy, Korean dinner. It was so nice and fancy! And Wyeth surprised us all by eating a TON of this soup that they served. Really? Squash? Soup!? But the fever wasn't really getting better so Sam went out to get tylenol while I stayed at the restaurant with hyped up Seren and Mr. Flush/hot boy.

You know where this is going...Wyeth spit up on me a little bit. Poor baby, I encouraged him to rest his little hot head to my chest. And then it happened. Sqaush soup started SPEWING all over us but particularly me. I had vomited soup in my hair. Down the entire front of my shirt. On my pants. I even had full noddles stuck to my shirt. I was speechless. The host very nicely tried to hand me wipes while I sat there paralyzed both by the mess but also by the embarassment of the whole thing. Really? Puking squash soup? In this restaurant? While Sam is running an errand? What if he is 100% contagious and now we have exposed the birthday girl!?

In the end, we got home, showered up, hosed everyone down, and went to bed. Wyeth was up from 1-4 in the morning not feeling well but no more puke. Whew. And so far no one else has gotten sick. Double whew.

But ugh. Squash soup.


LauraC said...

I have been that mom vomited on before in public and it is BAD. Sorry to hear you were finally christened! Hope no one else gets sick!

Whitney said...

Oh my goodness, this makes for a great story, though! I was practically on the floor! :) And the horror of hoping he's not contagious! At a 1-year birthday party no less! :) Good times!!