Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wyeth's 12 month Numbers

Wyeth did great on his 12 month well visit to the pediatrican! Three shots and he only cried on the last one. (And I didn't cry! I think I'm growing!) He is 50% in weight and height and 90% in head circumference! What? The doctor said not to worry about it but did make some reference to a 'CAT scan'. Hmm? Really? Then she quickly added, "But we won't do that. He isn't like puking daily, right?"

Ya know what? I think if he was puking daily, I would be camped out in the doctor's office demanding more information.

So he is 22.6lbs and 30 inches. All looks good. They would like to see him add more table foods to his diet and wean him from baby foods. Which is easier said than done. But he is doing better this week even!

In terms of what he can do:
*He can wave bye-bye
*He blows kisses (kinda)
*He has 7 teeth- including one molar that popped this week!
*He clearly walks- and climbs. He is Mr. Gross motor. Mr. Cognitive? Not so much. :)
*He still has his bottles- not sure when I'll get rid of those. Esp since the doc wants him on formula for a while longer until he is better at 'real' food.
* He still nurses if I put him down for nap or night. Otherwise, he is fine without me
* He says Mama and Dada now with purpose. Sam heard him say 'Baby' once. And he says something funky like 'cracker' but you have to know what that one is

He loves his Christmas tree and pushes us on how many times we will say "No Wyeth, no touch". :)

Just wanted to record these numbers/milestones for the baby book aspect of this blog.

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