Monday, December 7, 2009

A Wild Weekend for Wyeth

Note to self: Having a December baby really packs in the activity!

What a week! Since last Monday, we:
* Completed our 11 hour drive home from Flint
* Went to work
* Had an emotional one year celebration
* Went to Holly Nights at a colonial plantation on Thursday night to enjoy Christmas
* Paid the bills
* Went to see Wyeth's doctor for his well visit (He is growing well! 22.6 lbs and 30 inches)
* Cooked three quiches and two cupcake cakes until 1 am on Saturday morning
* Got my haircut on Saturday
* Celebrated with our family and friends on Saturday morning
* Picked out a tree, decorated a tree AND strung our outdoor lights (YES!)
* Went to Target. Twice. For the basics.

So yeah, we are tired! And Wyeth got up at 4:15 this morning only to finally got back to sleep at 5:30. (I have no idea what that was about!)

So we are busy but we are having a blast! In the end, the simple, small birthday party rocked! I had a complete blast watching both my children really enjoy themselves. Seren was so sweet to Wyeth! She kept kissing him, spontaneously singing 'Happy Birthday, Wyeth' and calling him 'hon'! "Come here, hon. You are ok." She was really a great big sister to him all Saturday. She seemed to understand that this was Wyeth's special day!

We were up late on Friday working as a team to bake three yummy quiches. We also made cupcakes for a turtle cupcake cake. (Sam was the chef; I was support staff.) Wyeth loves a stuffed turtle that his Grandma actually purchased for Seren. We have named it 'Webby' because he is our one and only Webkin. Hence, Webby. So we had a turtle themed party.

We wanted small. For Seren's first, we were novices. We had a larger group. And we didn't time the party well with naps. She basically freaked out at the singing and then I cried too because it wasn't "perfect"! This time, none of that! We timed it well (right after nap) and just had low expectations of how it all would go. We asked our parents if we could have our get together at their home. Our floors are not done. (Don't even get me started on THAT topic) And our home is a mess. So we had the get together at thier place. It is a gorgeous home and they are gracious hosts.

It was just my parents, my Uncle and Aunt who drove up from Baltimore and one couple and their child. Perfect size. (We do wish our other family members could have joined us too but miles keep us all seperated.) The only unperfect thing is that we arrived AFTER the guests! (One year of having two kids and we are STILL late). Thanks to my Mom and Dad for putting up with both having the party at your home AND looking after the guests while we drove down.

That aside, there was no crying. I think Wyeth was a bit overwhelmed by the people. He wasn't really as smiley as he usually is. But he had a great time. We bought him this ball popper thing used on craigslist. He LOVED it. He just stands there moving back and forth, stomping while smiling at his new toy. And the balloons that my mom and dad got him were a big hit! Wow. Did he LOVE the balloons! And the cupcakes! Sam made sugar free icing and cupcakes for Wyeth and he totally dug into it. He didn't EAT it per se but he massaged the cupcake. A LOT. All that was left was a pile of crumbs.

We had FUN. Just seeing little faces that I adore made me so happy. And to have close friends and my Aunt and Uncle there really made it special for us. What a fun thing to celebrate! One! (Now we just need to finish the photo montage and the babybook!)


Beth said...

Awesome pictures! I love the turtle theme--that is sooo cute. It sounds like an awesome first birthday party! (But I have to say, of course he didn't really eat his cupcakes or icing--there wasn't any sugar in them! LOL)

Jessica said...

So cute! I love his little crown and big happy smile. We did the turtle cupcakes for Sebastian's first, too!