Friday, August 6, 2010

Cape 2010 Pics

I am still going through hundreds of pictures that I took, that my best friend took, that my mom took. And I love them all. But here are some of my favorite ones.

One of the hardest and most wonderful aspects about our trip was that Wyeth got up not as his usual 6:30 but at 5:00 or 5:15. This resulted in many early mornings and not gettng any extra rest for the parents. Which was hard. But once I got over it, I began to look forward to it. Sam and I switched off getting up. When it was my morning, I took Wy guy to Dunkin Donuts in our PJs and then we'd head to the beach to see the sun rise! It was awesome! So he would march around in his 'Chomper' pjs and I would love looking and playing at my little boy who is much less a baby and more a toddler. It was an awesome tradition!

This early wake up meant he couldn't possibly make it to his usual nap time. So he napped on one of us every day for the first five days. He was exhausted and would fall asleep on the beach. On our shoulders. See?

We spent the whole week with my best friend from elementary school: Andy. She has two adorable kiddos! And the 3.5 year old and Seren hit it off! They always do which is just wonderful considering how little they see of each other. This year Andy's family rented a home and we got together daily for beach time and evening beach fun. It was awesome! If you told me when I was ten when I first met Andy at Merion Elementary that I'd be 33 and spending my vacation with her, her husband and our four kids, I would have not believed it for one second. But it was a blast!

The girls:

Moms and littles:

The house on the Cape has an outdoor shower. Guess who was my shower mate for the entire week?

Other favorites:

(What you don't pack your own purple attenae when you go on vacation?)

Vacation. It does a body good.


LauraC said...

LOVE everything about this post!!

I owe you an email! WD has moved to a place in PA instead of Maryland.

Whitney said...

Wow, you guys all look so amazingly happy. So nice to have that time together!

Julie said...

Lana also loved hanging on the beach in her jammies :)

I still cannot believe we were 2 miles apart on the very same week on vacation and we didn't even know it!

It is so amazing that you are still so close with a friend from elementary school--that is a rare and special friendship indeed.

Great photos Megan!!