Friday, August 27, 2010

Wise Words

This morning was one of the more hectic Morning Scrambles. Even with my husband at home, I play a large role in getting everyone ready in the morning. Sam and I have some combination of dressing them, feeding them, doing hair, etc. Seren was moaning about her hair this morning. And to be honest, I was ignoring her. She and I can have epic hair battles. (It has been better though than it used to be!)

Anyway, she was in the front room by herself complaining about the fact that life is unfair. I have no idea what she was complaining about.

Then I hear her say a few little words that stopped me in my tracks.

"Oh! I just want someone to come in here and make me feel better."

My little momma heart stopped.



Don't we all need that? How often during the day do I feel that way. "I just want someone to come over and help me feel better."

So of course I went in. And hugged her. And talked about the fact that sometimes we all just do need everything and everyone to stop and look at us and say "it is ok. You wil be ok." And sitting there with her I met that need.

It was a short moment. A nothing moment for her before Cheerios were consumed and shoes were found and picnic lunches packed.

But it is sticking around for me. Because there is wisdom in those words. There is a sense that each of us has- at age 2, 4, 33, 64, 70 that we just would like to have friends and family come around us. To cry with us. To laugh with us. To have community. Ya know, to make us feel better.

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Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Yes. We've been feeling this a lot lately in my family. She is so lucky to have had you there to turn it into a nothing moment; without you it might have been a disappointment that would've stayed with her. You're a great momma!