Monday, August 23, 2010

Update: A Series

I am long overdue on an update. So tonight begins a series. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Update 1: The good

* Reading aloud to my children. I don't care how tired I am or how much I just want to crash myself, when they snuggle up to read books every night? It is awesome. I always loved doing this when I babysat and love it 10 times more now that they are my own children I'm snuggling. Wyeth walks backward, aims his butt in your lap and just gets cozy. And Seren is a champion story listener. I love, love, love these moments.

* Getting free donuts. I seriously love dunkin donuts coffee. And I also love chocolate frosted donuts. Last week, after a crap work week, I went to get a treat of a small decaf. And the man hooked me up with three free donuts! Score

* Seeing friends over the summer! This summer we have hung out with an insane number of friends. I love it! Last week Andy and her family were in town, we met up with our local buds Tina and Brian for a music fest and we had dinner out with an old colleague. It is wonderful to connect with so many people. I also have had coffee in the evenings with a number of good buds. Doing this makes me happy. Very happy. Connecting with people rocks

* Goals being realized. This year I stated in January that I'd like to find more community. And I'm doing that. Slowly. I am still waiting for the all clear to volunteer with moms on bed rest. But I did manage to pull together a Habitat for Humanity day through my office! 14 of us head out this Saturday! I'm thrilled that my company was also able to make a corporate donation. Wish us luck! We are dry walling!

* Good health. My family has been blessed with good health. With a number of close friends passing in 2010, I am trying not to take this for granted. My little family as well as my extended family. As far as we know, are healthy. That is huge!

* Sam and I are making slow but steady progress on the house! This Sunday was officially 'errands' day (Don't all of you have at least some days where everyone just has to buckle down and do cores?) We went to Lowes and purchased an 8 foot pegboard to hang our pots and pans. Pictures to come soon

* My mom and Dad return to the Philly area after 3.5 weeks in Cape Cod

* My inlaws are coming in September! We can't wait to see them!

* Preschool is beginning again! Seren is SO excited. She has the same teacher this upcoming year which is really wonderful. And four of her classmates will be joining her from last year. School doesn't start until September 13 but we are ready.

* Good too are preschool questions. Constant questions. Questions that just really don't have answers which apparently frustrates the hell out of our preschooler. TOday's burning question is this, "But MOM! I know what bird poop looks like but what does bird PEE look like?" When I told her I had "no idea" she replied that Dad said the same thing!

* Weekend adventures. I haven't spent a lot of the summer blogging about summer adventures but we have had some great day trips. This past weekend we went to Fort Mifflin and learned about pirates! People were dressed up as pirates and the kids loved looking for treasure! Two weekends ago we went on a hike to Palmyra Takoma (sp?) Nature Cove! We hiked around. It was sweaty but great! We also have been to several out door concerts with friends! Picnics and music=score

* We have dressed up! Dress up is always great!

{Cinderella meets Madeline meets Hawaiian beach princess}

{Taking cell phone calls in heels is tough!}

When I started this post, I could only think of the 'bad and ugly' parts of my life. But now that I just off the top of my head thought of many things that have made me smile in the last two weeks, I feel much better! I may still continue the series, however!

For now and truthfully, overall, it has been a great summer! (And it ain't over yet!)


LauraC said...

I seriously need to do something like this. Maybe after vacation! SO BURNED OUT RIGHT NOW.

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Wow, you have had a great summer! Good for you on meeting those happiness goals.

P.S. Apparently birds don't pee. That's why you don't know what it looks like. : )