Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daddy Camp

As all six of you readers know, Sam is home all summer with the kids full time. We fretted a bit about how many weeks of solo care that would be. And while Seren really enjoyed the one week camp at the local Nature Center, for the most part, Seren and Wyeth have been really happy at home during Daddy Camp.

Sam decided to take a page from our preschool and have a 'theme' per week. He loves this. Seren loves this. And Wyeth? He loves everything.

The first week they did a unit on planets and the solar system. Each day, they created a planet. They read about the planet on line and Seren has now memorized the order the planets. (That part took a few weeks).

Here is the solar system:
(The dots in the middle are the 'asteroid belt')

The second week was a unit on the Rain Forest:
Seren learned a song about the four layers of the Rain Forest, they 'read' on line stories from children whose families live in the Rain Forest and they created HUGE trees. Wyeth really got into this art project. They also colored in pages of pictures of rain forest animals.

Week three involved learning about the Fourth of July and National Independence:

I forgot to take pics of the statue of liberty, etc. Here is one of the Red White and Blue paintings.

Week four Seren went to camp and did lots of Nature Arts and Crafts.

Week five was unit on trains. For this unit, the kids helped Sam make Seren's bed into a train! The cow catcher is my favorite.

Week six was a bust because it was 'prep for vacation' week.


Week eight was regroup and reorganize life.

And now week nine is Safari week! Yesterday they went on Safari around the block. They each had binoculars, a big broad hat and Sam wore a backpack. They also set up our camping tent in the backyard and spent a night on the Savannah. The pics were sent to me via phone.

What a summer! Add in some brutally hot days, some errand running, grocery shopping, and pool time and you have got a busy, busy summer! Go Sam! Go Daddy Camp!


LauraC said...

This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I won't even tell you that you are lucky to have Sam as a partner... instead I will say your choose well woman! (He chose well too.)


Beth said...

Everything that Laura said. Awesome!

Julie said...

Um, Sam puts me to shame! I only wish I could be this organized, creative and fun. I think I may steal some of his ideas though--they are awesome. Never mind law, he has a talent for early childhood education!

Maria said...

Wow! What an amazing experience for all of them! Looks like such fun.

Whitney said...

Awesome!!! Huge kudos to Sam!! I don't think I could do anything near that cool. And kudos to you too, for being an awesome mom!!

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

First, I had to laugh at the "6 readers" comment because that's how I feel about my blog, too! Then I had to wonder if I will be tis cool in future summers. Being a teacher and all, you'd think so, but then again, I might want the summer off from creating theme weeks! We'll see... either way, Sam is awesome!