Monday, August 9, 2010

A Day at the Salon

Saturday morning I had a MUCH needed haircut appointment scheduled. Seren's wonderfully curly hair has been ignored for several months so I thought to myself "Let's kill two birds with one stone and see if they have an appointment."

Let me premise this story with the fact that I myself am very low maintenance. Lipstick is about as fancy as I get. I shower and blow dry daily but I'm not all about to spend a lot of time and money on presenting myself to the world.

Seren, at age 4, of course has had many haircuts. All involving hair cuttery for $12.00.

But this Saturday with a long list of errands in hand, I decided to make it 'easy' for myself.

Big mistake. I mean, whatever, it is hair. It will grow. But holy expensive and holy WEIRD.

The woman who cut Seren's hair wanted to know what I wanted done. I said that I wanted two inches off because her hair got INCREDIBLY long this summer. And I say a little 'light' layering would be fine.

Seren was SO excited to get her hair washed in the special sink. She held my hand as I got my hair washed because she was a little nervous but she hung in there. So with my instructions to the stylist stated, I got my haircut and Seren got her new do.

When we both turned around I was shocked at the little face looking back at me. They had put in several INSANE layers. Like something a 25 year old would want. And they blew it dry STRAIGHT!

My little curly head girl had STRAIGHT hair.

I felt mixed emotions. One, she looked gorgeous. Two, she always looks goregous and where was the mop of curls? Three, who in the hell thought that several layers would be 'easy' for me to maintain?

They topped off the experience by putting glitter in her hair. She was over the moon with excitement. She even got her first lollipop out of the experience!

She always looks gorgeous to me but this is how the stylist interrupted 'two inches off the bottom and a little light layering'.

Sam, unaware of how hair works, thought the straightness was PERMANENT! He was relieved to know that it would BOING right back up after a shower.

Lesson learned: Go to hair cuttery. Spend the 12.00. Do Salons when she is 16.


LauraC said...

I look terrible with straight hair.

Anyway when it curls up, the layers should actually help a lot. Not only does it feel lighter for her, but it should help with volume and width of the hair. The layers seem crazier with curly hair because you truly do need wide layers as the hair curls when it dries, making the actual layers shorter.

I'll be interested to see what you think after a week or so! Maybe you will still hate it!

Julie said...

I think she looks adorable, curly or straight!

I must say the glitter thing sounds thrilling for a 4 year old though and I can't believe you held out THIS long with the lollipops. I feel like every pharmacist, cashier, waitress hands out dum-dums to Lana. I personally like the organic trader joe lollipops, if I am going to give sugar to Miss Talky talk.