Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Three more good things!

1. Seeing a minor league baseball game with Seren during date night= classic experience. Since Seren is verbal and tall and the older sister, I often feel that she is 'older' than she is. But sometimes when I look at her holding my hand or when her face crumbles in tears over some injustice or when she looks wide eyed at a baseball field, I remember. She is only four. She is still really little.

2. Second good thing is a maybe thing but I'm excited anyway: Blogging Beth is coming! She is on a family vacation to our area! And we hope, hope, hope they can stop by. But we also certainly understand family crankiness and exhaustion from road trips! We hope to host them tonight. Sam made a fresh made apple pie. But if it doesn't work out, I hope to see Beth in October!

3. A lovely chat with a dear friend from elementary school who is expecting her first! There is so much excitement and unknown when pregnant with your first baby. Can't wait to meet him/her


Beth said...

I'm so so sorry we didn't make it! Definitely a huge disappointment, but I'm glad we stayed at the park as late as we did. We would not have gotten our money's worth had we left, even though we went back today. We will plan another trip to Philly and make time with you guys a priority! Thanks for being so gracious and understanding!

Julie said...

Bummer you and Beth didn't hook up this time.

I have to say I can relate to the observation that Seren often seems older than she is and then you remember that she is actually really little. Lana is such a little adult sometimes, especially b/c she is so verbal and then I forget that she is still a little kid and then I get that feeling like whoa, slow down, please don't grow up too fast, please keep saying you love us even when you are big. I love four so much, the innocence, the independence, the maturity and the silliness.