Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas in Cape Cod Pics

The beach was lovely. Seren didn't enjoy it as much in the winter as she did in the summer.

Seren got a play kitchen for Christmas! My parents didn't want to put the entire gift together because we would need to take it all apart. They left the "back" off. Seren thought that was fantastic! She'd crawl back and forth through the "appliances".

Dolly is a good listener.




Laura S said...

Such great pictures! You all look well after your illnesses :(. I can see Seren takes after her mom in goofballness!

LauraC said...

That play kitchen is awesome! And Seren looks so grown up, like such a big girl!

Shawn said...

I love that idea of climbing through the appliances! I might have to take the back off ours. It was a hand-me-down and some of those things that keep the back on are missing ... my girls would love climbing through the dishwasher!

So glad you're all feeling better. I like your short and sweet goals. My goals are much more specific this year than years past and I'm calling them goals, not resolutions. I'm pretty adamant about reaching goals, but I'm sure I will not reach all of mine this year. Can't hurt to try, though. I'm always making up new ones anyway.

Where are you in PA? I couldn't reply to your email since you have a noreply address.