Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Looking for someone? Check the shower

For the last 20 of Seren's 21 months, I have been the first one to meet her in the morning. For the first 9 months, it was because I breast fed and she was hungry. For the last 11? Because I like it.

Recently, depending on when she gets up (we are back to 6:16 thank goodness!) and depending on how cranky she is, Dad sometimes rescues her from her crib while I'm in the shower/drying my hair/getting ready.

Last week, she accurately assessed the situation by questioning her morning greeter. "Dada?"
"Yup, its me. Mom is in the shower."

The next day, she said, "Dada? Momma ower." (Shower. We don't "blend" our letters yet. Snowman became "Oman" in our house this year.)

So basically anytime that Dad greets her first thing in the morning it is because I am in the shower.

Sam was gone last week to spend some time with his parents in Michigan. According to Seren, her Daddy took one long ass shower. Everytime he would come up in conversation she would explain to me with a very serious face that he was in the shower.

Oh the wisdom of toddlers.


LauraC said...

In our house, dad is "airplane" when they don't see him. It used to be "hat"... when he was upstairs getting his hat on. I think airplane is a huge improvement.

Beth said...

Don't you love toddler communication? In our house, it's "daddy work." But when the shower is on, it's pretty loud and you can hear it downstairs, so William knows when daddy is actually taking a shower. And it's, "daddy, shower, wet."

BTW--love the video! Seren is beautiful!