Thursday, November 6, 2008


As of today, I will have been on bedrest for 56 days. 56 days people! I'm lucky that I have been able to shower and walk up and down the stairs twice a day. And I'm lucky that my son is still inside me. I am VERY blessed.

But 56 days?! What have you done since September 12th? It is funny living like this; no traffic, no driving, no going to the ATM, no planning on what to bring to work for lunch, no child care pick ups, drops off, etc. I feel disconnected from the world and the rat race. I have read books (!) in the evenings instead of doing chores. I have caught up with my photo albums. I have cleaned out my in-box. And I have worked full time. I have drafted my holiday letter! But I have MUCH to do. And I feel like "I had 8 weeks to myself and I have not done it ALL?" But I suppose it is hard to do when you are supposed to sit/lay down. And there is a lot of guilt about asking your already very busy and taxed family to do more.

So folks, what would YOU do if you were in your house for 8 weeks and only "out" for doctor's appointments, trips to the hospital, and two trips to Dunkin Donuts. :) Or as Seren's calls it, "Mommy's coffee store".

And TODAY friends, as of 11 am, I am FREED from my bed/couch. We did it! The doctor is pleased; we are pleased. No more shots. No more meds. No more bedrest! Now we get to have "normal" lives and wait for our little man! I wonder if this is really going to happen! I was convinced when I woke up this morning that I would give birth tonight based on the number and frequency of the contractions. (Every 5 minutes!) But now after a visit to the doctor's, I feel better- a huge sigh of relief.

Now that I'm FREE, here is what I want to do:

**Eat dinner out with my hubby- just the two of us

**Pick up my daughter (already DONE)

**Put my daughter to bed

**Get an awesome pedicure

**Have a meal with friends

**Drive my car

**Shop at Target

**Drink a glass of wine (oh wait, I'm just freed, I'm still pregnant)

**Go to the park and push Seren on the swings

What else?! This seems like a lame list but I just want to do the basic things. I'm free! I'm free! As I emailed my friends, I may do something "radical" and walk around the block!

YAHOO! Thanks for all of your comments and emails!


Julie said...

Fabulous list! You did it! I can't imagine how happy you must be :)

LauraC said...

It seems like you got a lot accomplished. Now you're in the home stretch!!

Beth said...

Woo-hoo! I agree--you did a lot. And most important, baby bean is still in there! I hope you get to do all the things on the list before he makes his debut!