Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Living Each Day with Anticipation

The best thing about being towards the end of a pregnancy is each day is lived with the thought of "Is this the day that I go into labor??!" How cool is that?

Usually the first thought that goes through my mind is, "Wow, I'm tired." But now I am hopeful!

These past few days have been so strange! I feel so exhausted and BIG. I forget that I extend out as far as I do. Things that fall on the floor stay there. And my face, feet and hands are swollen. I never got this far last time and can't imagine being overdue!

But it feels so good to know that with some degree of confidence, I can return the preemie clothes that my mother bought her grandson to be.

And having this time with JUST Seren is wonderful. I am cherishing just being with her. Last night, as I was reading to her on my lap she turned to me and said, "Mom! Why are you holding me like that?"

"Like what, honey?"

"Mom! I'm slipping!"

She was. She was slipping off what little lap I have left. Poor thing. She concluded (correctly), "Baby brother is too big."

So everyone is feeling the effect of my massive middle; my poor husband included who has to endure my daily complaints as I get dressed in the morning for work.

I anticipate just feeling relief when the day finally comes. I hope I go into labor spontaneously. With Seren, my water broke all over the place so it was obvious what was happening. I hope something similar happens this time. I can't wait to share our birth story!

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Julie said...

I am so excited for you! I keep checking your blog to see if the baby is here yet. Kudos to you for getting big and round :) I wish you a smooth and uncomplicated birth and recovery. Can't wait to see pics of baby boy and big sister!!