Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why, Mommy, Why?

Well, it happened, we have a curious toddler in the house. Seren asks "why" for every reason, for everything. I was listening to my dad read her a story one night. After each sentence, she asked, "Why?" Sometimes, my quick witted Dad, answered her creatively. By page 14, he was reduced to saying, "I don't know." or "Just because." It is quite the developmental milestone -this "why"- phase.


In other news, I'm still round. I'm still pregnant. No one can believe it. After 8 weeks of having contractions every time the medication wore out, two hospitalizations and much emotional stress, I'm still here. I went to the office this week (two days) because the idea of spending yet another day at home was driving me nuts. Plus, I find it difficult to concentrate on any thing. And I miss PEOPLE.

Two nights ago, I had contractions for 3 hours- one contraction every 10 minutes. Nice and steady. I got excited! I packed my now DUSTY bag! But nope, not to be. I thought it would have been cool to have a son on a full moon on 11/11. AND my inlaws, who live in Michigan were in town. How cool to have them here for the BIRTH.

So I am ultimately very very lucky but am getting a bit frustrated by all of these tricks my body is playing. I feel like my son is just MESSING with me. The effect of the progesterone is supposed to be done by today or tomorrow. In that, if the shots did anything, the effect of them would be worn off. After SO many false starts, I'm not counting any chickens. I just know that I will look forward to hugging my CHUBBY baby.

Full term here I come!


Laura S said...

I am so glad you are still pregnant, but sorry for all the non-useful contractions. Hopefully when he comes out it will be quick! Love ya!

LauraC said...

WOW!!! I thought since you weren't around, you might be off having a little boy. Glad to hear you are still pregnant!