Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

Our Halloween was a bit more low key then in years past. No Castro. No drinking. No late night parties. That being said, we DID make home made cards, did make Ghosts to hang in our kitchen, did carve a pumpkin and did go trick or treating.

Not bad for bedrest, right? My Mom and Dad also rented me a wheelchair so I could enjoy the evening! Very, very cool!

The morning of Halloween, as I previously posted, Seren was VERY excited. When we woke up from her nap, we got her in her Halloween costume! She was Madeline from the books! She LOVES Madeline and can recite parts of the story if you prompt her.

Here are some shots of our Halloween.

Can you guess what I was dressed up as?

What? Still no guesses? How about this?

I'm a baker with a bun in the oven! :)

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Beth said...

Seren is just precious in that costume! How perfect. You look adorable, too. Glad you guys had fun!Three more days and you're up and about, right? Three more days is nothing. Fingers still crossed!