Monday, May 18, 2009


The things Seren says...

Today, out of the blue, Seren asked me, "Mom, do you think Santa wears underpants?"


Tonight, I was getting up from the floor with Wyeth, Mr. 16 pounder, in my arms. I groaned.

"What's wrong, Mom?"

"Nothing, sweets. I'm just out of shape."

"Mom! You aren't a shape."


"You aren't a circle or square. You are a mom!"

Such affirmation!

Speaking of being in shape. I'm not but I have lost the weight. All 43 lbs. 43 lbs! That is a lot of couch sitting (8 weeks of it) and a lot of Dunkin Donuts! So I'm VERY pleased that the weight has come off but my skin is still all soft and doughy and...blah. So, Seren, my dear, I suppose I'm pear shaped, if I had to pick a 'shape'.


We are working hard with Seren to hear the sounds of letters in words. So we'll exaggerate letter sounds to have her guess the letter. "Seren, do you want to turn on the fan? f-f-f-fan?" Or "Here, give Wyeth the ball. B-b-b-all."

We have had some success. One problem became clear this evening. Seren can't really say her 'r's yet. They sound like the letter w'. So, for instance, it was 'weally, weally hot out!' or 'Wyeth was cwying (crying)." Or ,"I was twying to do it!" (trying). You get the idea.

So tonight as I was putting her to bed, she asks, "Mom, for the next song, can we do the w-w-w-wainbow connection?"

I snickered and then began the tune.


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Beth said...

So cute! William mixes up syllables a lot, so the elevator is the "evalator." The cutest thing he said recently was "gazebra" instead of "gazebo." It's almost sad when they start pronouncing things correctly!