Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Retroactive Blogging: Mothers Day 2009

This past Mothers day was my first Mothers Day as a mom of TWO kids! How fantastic is that!?

And equally awesome is the fact that my mother in law and my mom were all in one place. And Uncle John too! All on one porch!

My day started around 5:30. Wyeth was awake for the day. While Seren, Sam and my in-laws slept, Wyeth and I laughed and enjoyed the first cup of coffee. Seren's 3rd bday had been the day before and we were tired from all of the festivities. Plus, both kids were sick with coughs and colds.

Later, after showers and breakfast, we were on the way to my parents home for a beautiful lunch- complete with blooming azaleas. We had planned on going to a local garden but traffic got in our way. So we played outside and just enjoyed each other.

Sam and Seren picked out a necklace for me. It is meaningful because it talks about friendship- about being grateful that paths crossed. I love it! And my mom and my mother in law, Linda, liked the gifts that the kids and I made for them.

It was a lovely day!

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Beth said...

I'm so glad you came back and wrote this post. Sounds like a wonderful weekend--probably just what you needed. What is the gorgeous pink tree blooming in the background, btw? The pictures are wonderful.