Friday, May 15, 2009

Shower Shock

Today I was showering before work. Seren comes into the bathroom, uses the bathroom and flushes the toilet.

Scalding hot water pours from the showerhead onto my head.

It isn't a strange occurrence at our house- we have horrible plumbing. But what IS strange is that Seren just went about her toilet business as if she had done it all her life. Just toddles in, talks to me while she pees, jumps down from the toilet, wipes, pulls up her pants, shouts "bye" and runs back to playing in her room.

I never thought I'd see it! So odd to just "note" this independence.

I'm amazed by how long Seren can occupy herself with her books, her dolls, her farm animals. She is in her own creative world and I love it.

These kids have come a LONG way.

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Beth said...

Oh how I'm looking forward to this day! And I agree--I love how consumed William gets with "playing." I can't get him to stop for anything--not to eat, change his clothes, or any of those pesky things that I need him to do!