Monday, May 4, 2009

Seren is 3!!

Today, at 4:45am, Seren turned three years old. It has been an amazing year! To think that last year she was just beginning to chat! Today she talks a mile a minute!

I have too many thoughts about this important milestone. Too many memories I want to just capture. Too many joys she brings us. My heart is so full.

We have a birthday party scheduled for later this week. For now, I'll just post some pictures of her "birthday muffin" while she is in her mis-matched pjs. Her response to her birthday is classic.

"And tomorrow when I wake up, I'll be three again?"

"Yup, that's right."

"And we'll sing again? And have muffins again?"


Seren, we are so proud of who you are! We love that you grab life by the horns! You have taught us a great deal about how to be enthusiastic, how to laugh deeply and how to be a compassionate person. You made us parents. The time has flown by. Were you really that little baby in the NICU?

We thank God for you!

Here is to many, many more birthday muffins!


LauraC said...

Happy birthday Seren! Congrats Megan and Sam making it three years!

LOVE LOVE LOVE those curls! (almost makes me want a girl, ALMOST)

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful child! Its so hard to believe she was so tiny and now look at her!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Seren--a day late! She is so precious with that curly hair and those adorable round cheeks. And I love the birthday muffin idea! She looks so grown up now. *Sigh* Hope she (and you guys!) had a wonderful day.

Beth H said...

Happy Day, Seren. You are three!