Sunday, June 13, 2010

Better than Average Weekend

We had a good weekend this weekend. Some friends from college visited! They only live 30 minutes away and we both stood up in each others wedding. But with four kids between us, 30 minutes away seems REALLY far sometimes. My friend is one of the kindest souls you'll meet. She is so generous with her time, her energy and her love. And her husband is also very genuine. They arrived on Saturday after both families had big days. We got up and split. Sam and Seren did groceries, I took my big guy to get his hair cut. Wy guy and I did some more errands and then I took the kids to the pool while Daddy weeded. Our friends arrived around 3 and we all hung out until 7:30. We had a simple but delicious meal and just enjoyed each other. I really, really needed that time with a family that we already KNOW. And know well. It was a great visit!

The great day was topped off by wine, cookies and a movie date night with my hubby. Yeah Netflix!

Sunday it poured and was MUGGY! But we went to a car show and then a huge street fair. It was a lot of fun. I love street fairs where there are fun kid things to do. After "naps", I took the kids to the park. Then it was dinner, bath and bed. They both were sound asleep by 8.

Every weekend I'm left with the following thoughts. Every single weekend. And these thoughts are so divergent that often I just can't reconcile them.

* Wow! I love my family!

* Wow! I am exhausted. I need more sleep. I should take better care of my body. My skin. My weight. I should focus on what I eat so I have more energy.

* Wow! I could use a break. Parenting is all encompassing. Draining. And demanding as hell. I need a weekend with Sam. Alone. A LOOONG weekend. Away from chores. Away from the kids. Away from RESPONSIBILITY!

* Wow! Am I blessed! Blessed by my family. Blessed by my friends. I don't want to leave my family to go into the office on Monday! No way! I want to spend every moment with them. They are my everything.

See? So, depending when you ask me how my weekend is, my answer will vary!

How was your weekend? Which part? :)


Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

I can relate to the divergent thoughts. Right now I am feeling like it was an exhausting, productive weekend. I especially love my family since they helped me do a big makeover on my backyard. Let's face it, at 36 weeks pregnant, *I* wasn't going to be the one trimming trees and bushes! ; )

Beth said...

I'm glad you had such a great weekend! Us, not so much. We're going to a Nats game this weekend, though (at night, no less!) so hopefully that will be a fun event. To me, the best weekends are the ones where we spent fun time together as a family, but also got errands done and were otherwise productive. A close second is family fun, but maybe not so productive. And the worst is not much family fun, and not much productivity. But I guess you can't have it all, all the time!