Friday, June 4, 2010

No Title but At least something new in Google Reader

I have left the 'Nap Hell' post up for too long without posting to update. And it is such a negative post!

We have had a long month. Seren's lack of nap, while it seems silly to be frustrated over, has really made for some LONG, sad nights. She is just miserable. And as a result, I am miserable and feel like I'm failing. Which I'm not. Just another transition.

All of your comments were so helpful. Thank you. I do feel like we are still very much in the thick of it but that it will resolve in another 2-3 months. At least I hope so.

A low point came this past week when I was reprimanding her for intentionally pouring water all over the bathroom. The word 'NO" was used many times by me. Her response made me livid.

"Mommy! You are not using nice words! You are NOT being nice to me! You should go back to Oklahoma where you were!"

(I was in Oklahoma City and Providence, RI on business during the month of May).

Her attitude! Her words! My exhaustion with this whole thing! I lost my shit and told her to stop being disrespectful. I ordered her out of the bath and told her she was to clean up the entire bathroom.

Once we both calmed down, I apologized for yelling. And she was sincere in her apology (which isn't always the case). Then her sweet shoulders slumped and she said to me, "I guess I need to go clean up the bathroom now."

And she did. (To the extent a four year old can 'clean' anything).

Pretty much every night for the past three weeks has involved some screaming fit on her part, some explosion on my part and some tension between all of us. Meanwhile sweet Wyeth is getting ignored/lost in the whole thing!


Right. I was to be positive. Right.

Last week was also Olympic Day at school! They had a BLAST! It was like field day and everyone got REALLY into it. Sam attended this event. She told me ALL about it! My favorite quote was, "I got to do the ball bumper with Richie!" (The ball bumper!?)
The pictures are awesome. Each kid got a medal! She was part of the red team. Is it me or does she look really TALL with the other kids? (She is also older...)

She is also thrilled by the pool. This year we joined a local pool. We bit the bullet and shelled out the cash. So far, with one day down, it is money well spent. She spent all of Sunday running back and forth from the pool to me saying, "I am having SOO much fun!" or "MOM! I"M SO EXCITED!"

That made my weekend.

Last weekend, memorial day weekend, was full of fun picnics with friends, dinners with neighbors, good wine, a hike to celebrate 10 years of dating and marriage, good chatting, parades, hot weather, play on the playground and a dip in the pool with chores, naps and exhaustion thrown in for good measure.

Check out our efforts to be patriotic. Love Wyeth's shoes! Love 'em! If you are going to be preppy, ya just gotta go all the way.

Work has also been challenging lately.

So between Seren's no nap, her birthday, her birthday party, a renewed commitment on my part to be in shape, work making me anxious and the end of the school year, it is no wonder I'm limping through the end of May...holding on to the promise of a new month in June.

June! How are we in June!? I hope to catch up on blogs very shortly!!


Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Great photos. I do love Wyeth's shoes! I think you did a good job of trying to tell it like it is and focus on the positive aspects of life, too. That's one of my new resolutions - for every negative, complaining story I tell, I have to tell one happy one. It's made for more pleasant evenings with my husband, even if deep down I thought it was a rotten day with a headstrong toddler! There is always some funny thing going on, too that I can share. So thanks for being a good role model for me as I work on this goal! Good luck with this tough transition.

Beth said...

Great catch-up post! Sorry things are still rough with Seren. I definitely hope June will bring you a little peace. Love the pictures!