Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Stats

Seren turned four of May 4th and went to the doctors appt a few weeks later.

She is 37.8 lbs (50%)
and 44.5 inches tall (75%)

Tall and skinny!

Wyeth went for his 18 month appointment in early June too.

He is 25.2 lbs (25-50%)
and 33 inches tall (90%)

Tall and skinny!

Additional doctor stuff for Wyeth:
We were worried that he has a food allergy to strawberries and blueberries. We took him to the allergist yesterday, and he is allergy free. Not even cat allergies (which I have). So that is great! But he has bad eczema and certain foods give him major skin irritation. Like when he eats strawberries and other fruits. So we are to minimize how much fruit he smears on his face and body (yeah right) and give him nightly 'soaks' in a bath followed up by major amounts of moisturizer. HE loves the cream. He loved giggling and spreading it all over his tummy last night. So all that is good.

Wyeth also has asthma. Or whatever they call "childhood asthma". We have to treat it the way we treat Seren's. Flovent puffers twice a day and nebulizer treatments. We'll start September 1st for both kids and will work with these medications, tweaking as needed through April. That is the plan!

We also were told his 8-10 words were 'normal for boys'. So far the list includes:
baa-baa (for sheep)
Tractor (this is new)

He'll say other random words but not use them consistently. But we aren't too worried. I felt better after we went to the pediatrician. He is all good!

What a blessing!

Nothing like a clean bill on BOTH kids. Now I just have to get over the fact that he is 18 MONTHS and Seren is FOUR YEARS.


LauraC said...

Nate had eczema as a younger kid and outgrew it. So hopefully Wyeth will too!

And yay for good doctor's appts.

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Tractor! Funny how they pick up on words they love and don't worry about the rest until later. : ) Glad your kiddos are mostly healthy. Sebastian has eczema, too, and our doctor recommended the Cetaphil for his baths (wash and lotion). It has made a huge difference.

Beth said...

I'm glad the ped put your mind at ease. And yay for no allergies, although eczema is no fun. But like Laura said, hopefully he'll outgrow it. Cute picture!

John said...

I am the only one who read this and thought, "Well duh. Both parents are tall and skinny, there's a good probability they will have tall and skinny offspring." This coming from the not so tall, and skinny loving little brother and uncle.
The more I read and hear about Wy-man, the more I fall in love with the little guy. I mean just look at these two, so dang cute.