Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spring Sing!

Tomorrow is the end of the year "Spring Sing" at school. Seren and her class have been practicing for weeks! If not months for this event! They have been very secretive about what the songs are. We can't wait!

My parents will be joining us in the fun celebration. I wonder if Seren will actually sing or not. The teacher reminded us in a letter that EVERYONE sings in the classroom but that being on stage is scary.

Seren told me that "I am going to keep my eyes on Ms. Robin. And not wave at you."


So they have been prepped.

I am SO sad to see the end of the school year go. Preschool has been AMAZING for Seren. She has just loved it. She has been so enthusiastic! We have loved, loved, loved the year.

The teacher has been so kind and warm. She even sent home an individual photo album for each kid full of over 50 pictures of the kids doing different activities. Seren has loved school and the album is photographic evidence.

Sniff. Another transition.

We look forward to the Spring Sing!!


Julie said...

Sniff, indeed. Last night at preschool graduation, which sounds a lot like Spring Sing--secret songs and all, I actually got a little misty watching Lana walk down the aisle and to the stage (good golly Julie, get a grip). Last year she bawled her eyes out, so scared and shy, but this year she did it!

Sounds like Seren had a great year--have a blast at Spring Sing!!

Beth said...

Hope she has a blast. (And doesn't "oink" on stage!)