Monday, June 7, 2010

New Math

Here is a new math problem set I learned today:

If Seren = sleep then Seren=happy.
If Seren= happy, then Mom=happy
If Seren= happy, then Wyeth = VERY happy.

Sleep begets happy Parents.

Sleep begets happy brother.

I was seriously about to offer Seren up on Ebay after this past weekend. (Kidding!)BUT she finally slept at Heather's house (THANK YOU, HEATHER!). And my god, she was a new child tonight. And EVERYONE was happy. Like serious GIGGLING happy. Like I found myself SMILING happy. Like Wyeth was laughing WITH his sister. Like Dad was taking a walk with his family happy.

I know it won't last. But it gave me the encouragement I needed. We ARE happy family, we are just having some 'moments' with this transition.

I have talked to Seren a lot about how she feels abuot this missed rest. She mentioned today, at 6:10am in the midst of her first meltdown of the day, that she feels sad. When she was laughing today, I asked her again how she felt, "I feel great!" Later I asked her why she could sleep at Heather's. At first she didn't answer the question. "Well, I think I should go there every day to sleep." (She doesn't visit Heather every day).

Then she added, "It is like I have nothing to do in there so I might as well sleep. In my room? There is too much to do. Too many books to read. My babies need me. At Heather's? I just sleep there. So I think that's it, mom."


It is true that we have let her read, play with stickers, etc. etc to just get her to rest and chill. But maybe she is saying to us that it is too distracting.

Anyway...I like my new math equation. :)


Beth said...

See? They really do have the answers some of the time. SO glad you had this awesome evening to remind of all that is good in life. Hope that feeling lingers!

Whitney said...

Wow, that is insightful! So, how about setting up a "nap nook", like a little area under a table covered by a blanket and lined with blankets in the bottom? If it is away from her room, all the better. She can bring one or two books, and that's it. Put on some soothing music, give the rule that she can't get up for 30 minutes, and maybe she'll fall asleep? I don't know, sounds like she still could use that nap & it's worth trying something new.