Monday, June 28, 2010

Kiss Chart

Since Seren turned four, we have had a heck of a time parenting Seren. It is all 'normal' stuff; not listening, pushing limits, stretching the truth, etc. But it has been hard. Combine that with the no-nap and I have been pretty 'down' on the parenting front! Whew. It has been a long 6 weeks. With many time outs. And much crying on her part.

I hate that. I hate when kids are sad. And when we have to punish. But that is the way it is. Short term pain, long term gain. At least I hope.

And while she has quiet time, she doesn't nap. But at least she has some down time. With her books. Sometimes she does sleep for a little while. So we are still transitioning but it IS getting easier.

The funny thing now is that putting her down for sleep takes about 35 seconds. (After you read three books and sing). Most of the time she falls asleep while I'm still singing. She is conscious of this. She even told me, "Mom. I'm just gonna fall asleep as soon as you start singing so I'm just going to say good night now."

Once she is out, she is out. It is such a joy to watch her asleep. The last time I watched her sleep on a daily basis was when she was 6 months old. So it is a treat for me to lay next to her my still little one and just watch her sleep. I then quietly slip out.

Today she said to me, "Ya know what? You don't do the kisses anymore."

The kisses is the part of the routine when after I read, and sing, I blow X amount of kisses to her as I leave the room. I always ask her how many she wants. And the answer 100% of the time is "Seven". Seven kisses.

But now that she just passes out, I don't blow her 7 kisses.

So she grabbed a piece of paper and started a chart of sorts. On Monday, I am to blow her 2 kisses, Tuesday, 3, etc. She said she is going to point to the 'list' before I start singing. That way, I'll still blow her kisses but she won't have to be awake to tell me.


That little mind is always working. So despite the tantrums, the lies, the YELLING about hair brushing, the standing in the bathtub, the jumping off the counch, the yelling about things that are OUT of order, the need to be FIRST, etc. she still is s sweetbug. And I'm trying to create more one on one time with her so that side of her can come out too. She needs that alone time with each parent. Just to snuggle and focus on her. This morning she gently brushed Wyeth's hair out of his eyes and read him a story while he fininshed breakfast.

She still does all of these things. But I feel somedays like she is a horse that we are trying to train. And that just SUCKS the joy right out. The lack of nap is the hardest transition we've had in her four short years.

So it is really nice to have a kiss chart to refer to. Becauses kisses from Mommy? They still matter.


Beth said...

That is so sweet! Seren is so precocious. No wonder she runs you ragged! I can't wait to see the amazing and accomplished grownup she is going to turn into.

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Aww... yes, a sweetbug. I like that. It's always a relief when something like that breaks up the chaos of trying to make a tough transition. Hang in there.