Monday, June 7, 2010

Rock Climbing

Our kids are different kids. No duh. But one of the major differences between Seren and Wyeth is Wyeth's physical abilities.

Wyeth loves to climb. Just loves it. And is so sure of himself.

Here is some evidence of what I mean.

This park is close to our home. Seren JUST learned to climb this rock without us holding her. Maybe 4 months ago. Even today she'll yell out, "Watch me you guys! I could fall!"

Wyeth? Not so much.

Wyeth at the bottom of the rock structure:

Near the summit...with absolutely no help from us. Pic also includes nervous Dad close by:

He turned 18 months last week. 18 months! (I'll blog about that later!)


Beth said...

Seth is my daredevil, so I know exactly what you mean! What cracks me up the most is how protective William is of Seth--he tells Seth to be careful more than I do! LOL

Julie said...

That is an incredible feat for an 18 month old! Lana too is cautious on the playground, but rightly so--she can be so clumsy, like me!

It is amazing, isn't it, how different two kids can be? And from the same gene pool!