Monday, June 6, 2011

The taste of rejection

We had a rough weekend. I don't really know why it was so rough but it was. The kids seem to be moody, tearful and unsettled the entire weekend! That being said, on Saturday we did go to Sesame which always puts a smile on thier faces. It is so close! We have already gone about 6 times this year! Score!

Sunday we took a family hike which was nice. We met a friendly horse. We picked flowers. We chose our favorite rocks to hike with. We wore cool sunglasses. Our family does a lot of these hikes/walks. It is a good time to just get away.

Sunday night, I took the team on a short walk around the block. Which takes us approximately an hour.

We saw a 12 month old baby. Seren decided we should go say 'hi'. She really enjoys little kids and is very good with them. Very protective. So that was fine with me. We introduced ourselves to the mom and the baby. And then Wyeth picked two flowers for the baby. He held them out to her chubby little hands and she swiped them away. The flowers (weeds) fell to the ground.

In that saddest little voice, he came back to me for hugs and reassurance. "Baby no take my flowers. Baby no want them?"

Oh buddy. The first taste of rejection.

He moped a bit. He couldn't get over the fact that someone wouldn't want his flowers (flrrs).

He got home and told dad the same story. "Dad! Dad! I give flrs to baby. Baby girl no want them. Sad."

The he summed it by saying, "Hard to be two."

Which had both Sam and I laughing.

"Hard to be two."

I say that to him all of the time. When he cries. When something is just unfair. When something is frustrating. I say, "Wyeth. It is ok. I know. I know. It is hard to be two."

Somehow, "hard to be 34" isn't as cute. Just as apt but not as cute.

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Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

Wyeth is adorable. I can just hear him singing, It's Not Easy Being Green...