Monday, June 6, 2011

Five year old stats

Seren and I went to the pediatrican on Friday for her five year well visit. A month late due to insurance requirements. Whatever. Close enough.

She is 41.8 lbs which is 50%
She is 3 feet 8 inches which is 75%.

Wasn't I just saying that she was born at 5 lb, 8 oz and 18 inches long!?

She was a happy bouncing kid there! So happy to be five and talking the doctor's ear off about everything. Touch wood, we hadn't been there since June of 2010! The only time we came in was for a flu shot! Is that wild or what?! We had a great winter! Which means I've just jinx myself for next winter.

She didn't do well on the eye exam. We'll keep that in mind. I had glasses by the 2nd grade so we shall see. And she was stubborn about the ear exam. (Ironic, right?) Maybe her listening ears really don't work!? I told her, "Look. Kiddo. Ya gotta do this right. It is important." She straightened up and then responded to the beeps in her ears.


I can't get beyond the fact that this is the last week of preschool. Just can't get over it. I feel sad and emotional about this transition. Which isn't surprising to me.

A long fun summer stretches before us and I have many reasons to be excited. She is going to continue to thrive. And I'm proud of her. But our preschool 'cacoon' is over. Our little safe bubble of nice kids. Excellent teachers. Caring families. And the 'real world' is beginning in September.

Flash back to September 2010. First day of preschool. Year two.

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Julie said...

I hear you on the cacoon. We have one too, but ours goes through Kindergarten. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth transition for you guys this year!