Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flat Tires

On Tuesday night, I drove the 20 miles south to my home in Pennsylvania. When I left New Jersey, the little 'low tire pressure' light was on. Ah, no big deal. Buicks are overly sensitive.

I drove at about 65 miles a hour. 5 miles from my home, two cars started to honk and wave at me frantically. The other drivers were mouthing "TIRE!".

Oh dear.

A little 'low pressure' turned into one big ole flat tire.

I limped home with my hazards on and found a gas station. I filled that bad boy up, had dinner with the kids and then took Wyeth to Pepboys.

He was in 7th heaven.

There is a waiting room that we had all to ourselves. And if you stood on the little ledge you could peer into the autobody shop where they worked on the cars. I stood on that little ledge with my little boy in my arms and man, did we have fun.

He is just about to break full force into the "WHY" phase of life. So he had about 10001 questions about what was happening to the car. What is going on? Why is the car up? How get car up? Car come down? Car come down now? Oh! Tire! Why that man do that? Why that man hurt our tire?

And on and on and on.

It was simply fabulous! What a great date! We watched and talked. The total cost for my flat tire was $0.00 as they simply had to plug the tire.

I thanked the worker for all of his help in fixing our tire. Score!

As we left Wyeth held my hand and said, "Great show! Great show! See new-new tire show tomorrow?"

That is what I love about kids. An adult perspective on the day would be "Crap! A flat! Are you kidding me!? This sucks!" And we'd go to Pepboys, sit there in the lonely oily smelling room and wait the nearly 50 minutes for the tire to be fixed. We may even complain on facebook about the fact that our night is being spent at Pepboys. Then we'd thank them and go home.

For Wyeth? This whole thing was an adventure! It was a SHOW! He got to see something brand new! He got to be with mom and mommy only! And it was fun! Man was it fun! He hasn't stopped talking about the 'new new tire show' since.

Love it!


PC said...

Little guys are wonderful!! So much fun :)

bethhague said...

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!