Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Seren's Bday Recap

Seren turned 5 on the 4th of May but we celebrated her birthday with her friends on the 22nd of May.

Like last year, we had a big fun party in the park. Unlike last year, the weather was freezing. This diminished my enthusiasm to some degree. I kept worrying that 1)people wouldn't come 2)that it would pour rain and 3)that people weren't having fun.

But that being said, in the end, the kids had a great time doing what kids do best: PLAYING!

Sam and I set up for about 45 minutes prior to the party. This was hard. We had to deal with my 'party anxiety', the kids were running around and we didn't have any helpers. But we manged to set up the chalk, the bubbles, the two tents, and cover up all 10 tables.

The kids arrived and set to work playing in the tents. We then had the kids make a mask using just a wooden mask from Michel's' and markers. I didn't think this would be a hit. It was kinda 'lame' as a project but they really got into it!

After more play, we had a scavenger hunt. With the help of some parent-friends, we broke the teams into groups of 4 and everyone had to find 'nature' themed things. We gave the teams hints and then they had to figure out the riddle and identify the nature item. A bug. A leaf. Draw a flower. Make a rubbing of the leaf, etc. What a riot! They really got into it! So that was great!

Then it was time for lunch. We fed the adults up right with tuna salad and chicken salad. Chips and some fruit. And the kids had nature themed (via sand which cutters) sandwiches, chips and fruit. Easy!

And then we had our cake before letting the kids play at the playground. We were so happy that our friends could come to celebrate with us! What a great class!

My father, the artist, was also busy doing face painting for the kids.

His first 'customer' was Wyeth who decided to do his OWN face. Good grief. He LOVED face painting. :) My dad did a great job!

Us playing a version of musical chairs that we called 'musical leaf!'

I was too stressed about the whole thing. I had just been in Texas for a week, then in Cleveland through Friday night of the second week and the party was on Sunday. But in the end, after two hours of coloring, and playing and cake eating with her preschool and neighborhood friends, Seren turned to me and said, "Mom! That was the best party EVER!" So, it was so worth it. SOO worth it.

We gave the kids 'bug boxes' as favors in lieu of candy. Everyone seemed happy to have a little magnifying glass, tweezers and 'bug catcher' to take home. My parents saved the day by cleaning up while we played a few last minutes with the kids. Thank god for help!

If I do say so myself, job well done, Hague Angus family. It was fun to be outside in the park having a big fun party! So glad that we could enjoy and that it didn't rain! What a group effort!


Beth said...

Wow Megan--so impressive! And how gratifying that Seren loved it. :-) The cake is awesome, btw. I don't think there's such a thing as stress-free party hosting, no matter what you do.

Julie said...

Dude, you throw some rockin kids parties!! I remember last year's bird house theme too. I wanted to steal your idea of having a party at the park with crafts and picnic-ish food, but May weather in the NW is very unpredictable (i.e. cold and rainy).

I hear you about party stress! Every year I vow to get myself together next year so I am not such a mad woman. Why can I throw a dinner party no problem, but a kids b-day party blows my mind?

PC said...

We loved the party, the kids had a blast. You did a great job :) We also caught lightening bugs the other night in our new bug catcher!

Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

What a pretty cake. The photos look like summer camp!