Thursday, June 2, 2011

The importance of picking out the right pair

Seren and her underwear.

Dear god.

It has to match the outfit she is wearing that day AND the activity.

On Saturday, I was getting her dressed. And she picked out the beloved Mini Mouse undies. Then she turned to me and said,

"Wait! It is Memorial day today?"

"Nope. That is on Monday."

"Well! Then forget these undies. I have to save them for the holiday!"

There you go.


Beth said...

What a stitch! And I thought William was picky about clothes. I've been talking a lot lately about matching clothes and how it's important for shirts and shorts or pants to go together. Yesterday he came downstairs in orange shorts and a slightly different shade of orange shirt and happily proclaimed, "Look Mom, I match!" I really couldn't explain the subtlety of different shades of colors. So I just said, "Great job, buddy!" Gotta love 'em!

Julie said...

Oy! More evidence that Seren and Lana would be besties! I made the mistake of buying days of the week undies (with little pics of candies on them) and she takes them SO seriously. God forbid you put on the Friday undies on a Saturday or something--the world may stop turning.

PC said...

Too cute. Just one more thing to drag out the dressing process :)