Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Working out

Well, I'm still at it. My summary of the experience so far:

1. I have a lot more miles to go before I start to feel in shape.
2. This takes a lot of time. As in a lot of time.
3. While I am sucking wind during the experience, it feels great afterwards.
4. And finally, why in the world did I think I was 'out of shape' as an 17 year old? Seriously?

I'm having some middle age body issues recently. Like maybe I should get my teeth whitened. And maybe I should buy a better bra. Or find something with 'LIFT'. And why is my skin saggy? And isn't that another grey hair?

Oh well. That just means I have lived well! I'm lucky to have hair. I'm lucky to have boobs. Not everyone is so lucky. So I'll just keep doing my little workouts and focus on the fact that life is GOOD!


Beth said...

So impressed that you're fitting exercise into your routine. When do you do it??? As for bras, do you have Nordstrom in PA? If you do, go get fitted. I was way, way, way off in what size I thought I was. I was buying 34A/b, turns out I should have been getting 32D! If you don't have Nordstrom, go to a reputed department store and get fitted!

As for teeth, I'm with you. I really, really want to get braces. I will one of these days. If it's not a huge stretch financially, then I say go for it!

Haguer said...

Megoo, so as your family ATC and Performance Coach...I would recommend finding a local race (duathlon, Broad Street Run, 10k, etc) to start "training" for. It gives you a completion date, and helps you stay motivated when you are tired. Versus saying, "I want to get back in shape." Instead, mentally, you are saying, "I want to get fit so I can run all 10K, at X min miles, etc."
In case you are wondering what a duathlon is: Run-Bike-Run. The bike training sessions will relieve some of your leg soreness as well from pounding the pavement. Get new running shoes, it will make a uge difference in how your body feels. You can find good shops who will analyze your stride and find the best shoe for your foot strike.
On a personal note, I am so proud of you for having the motivation to get fit. You are a beautiful woman with a body type a lot of women would kill for...flaunt it girl! Another great aspect of running outside is the added kiss of sun to your hair and skin. I have been outdoors a lot this week and already my hair is getting blonder and i am getting a tan, Lord knows that our family needs help in the tan department.
Anyway, just some thoughts. Love you lots.

Julie said...

You are such an optimistic person! I love that. I am impressed with your exercise routine.

I just caught a glimpse of myself in a reflection of a very large window and I thought--I have granny legs! Seriously, could they be less toned?

Adrienne said...

Hi Meg!
Love that I can catch up with your life through your great blog. I love your brother's comments! Go you! I agree with the 5K/10K thing - that totally helps! Though at the end of my first and (last?) 5K last Halloween I was swearing never to put myself through that torture again! haha.
I hope to see you soon, or at least sometime this summer.
Thinking of you,
AWrootbeer :)