Friday, September 28, 2007


I called home last night to tell Sam that I was on my way back from NJ. The phone rang as usual. But then, when it picked up, I didn't hear anything. Just silence.

(Then prompting from Dad, "Say Hello!")
"Hi sweet pea! Its me, Mom!"
"Mom! Mom! Mama! Mom!"
"Yes! It is me! How are you? Did you have a good day?"
"Did you take Daddy out to play in the backyard?"
"Did you take a nap?"
More silence.
More prompting.
Crying as Dad tries to wrestle away the phone.

It was awesome! We had a little conversation. Whenever you ask Seren any sort of question in the past two weeks, she picks up on the inflection in your voice and enthusiastically answers, "Yes!"
We get a big kick out of this. We ask all sorts of silly questions of her- mostly for our own amusement but also for hers. She likes when we laugh. She is quite the comedian. We think it is funny. Then again, we are the parents. We are SUPPOSED to get big kicks out of little things.

A new first- chatting with my daughter on the phone. Sam said she refused to give him the phone but just sat there, the phone pressed against her ear, with a really serious look on her face as she tried to figure out how Mom was 'in' the phone.

I loved it!

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