Friday, September 14, 2007

On why Moms sometimes need moms

My daughter is sick today. It started yesterday with what my optimistic husband was calling 'allergies'. We haven't had a cold in many, many months. I have no idea when Seren had her last cold so, I suppose were due. But man, just seeing your little one, full of snot, crying, wiping snot all over her face, toys, clothes...just makes you want to cry. So she didn't sleep well. We didn't sleep well. She actively fights any attempt to wipe her nose. It is a two person activity!

And I'm sure we'll get sick what with Snotfest 2007 raging in our house!

We are supposed to go away with my inlaws to the shore this weekend. People in NJ/PA say 'going down the shore'. Not 'to the shore'. So we are planning on doing this but the thought of traveling with Ms. Snothead to a family friend's home that won't be childproofed where we'll sleep on the floor? Ugh. It is just so hard and disappointing. We were so looking forward to this! We shall see. Maybe the fever will break and she'll be able to go to her first music class- also scheduled for today- but the chances are, I'll be snotty in a few hours.

Then *I'll* need a mom.

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