Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Using the 'nice' things

I have always been careful to take care of my things. I have earrings that I've owned since 6th grade. I have clothes that still look good despite years of wear because I am clean and try to take care of them. And then there are the things that I simply don't use because they are expensive or meaningful to me and I don't want anything to happen to them.

My good china- still in boxes despite 5 years of marriage.
My great aunt's ring.
My gold bracelette.

But at the end of the day, these things are just that...things.

I decided recently that I would start just USING these things. If they are so special, I should enjoy them more! Seren recieved a very beautiful silver bangle bracelette from her Uncle John for Christmas. It was perfect. Just beautiful. Small. Sweet.

I put it on her arm for my mothers' birthday lunch. She LOVES it. We have tried to take it off but she complains when we do. It has been about a month. There it sits, a beautiful, feminine bracelet. I got a look at it up close last night; I managed to wrestle it off her arm.

I felt a twinge of guilt.

It was showing its wear. It has become banged up and scuffed from our walks in the park, baths, and daily playing.

It looked worn.

But children grow too fast. There is no guarantee that it will fit in the next "special" occasion. And isn't every day special? Shouldn't we live like it is instead of saving joy for 'later'?

I placed the bracelet back on Seren's arm. She pointed to it and smiled.

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