Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nothing a little snuggling wouldn't cure

I was in a funk yesterday about Mommy guilt, time away from her, working, the name it.

But last night, Seren seemed to sense that Mommy needed a little pick me up. So in answer to my own question, "What will make me happy?" the answer came from Seren.

I do all sorts of things to try to make her laugh and smile. I play endless rounds of peekaboo, jump around, dance, make faces. It works. But not all of the time. The secret to spontaneous fits of giggles and laughter? Rubbing her face with my nose.

I was putting her to asleep and thought that she drifting off into dreamland. So, I snuck a little snuggle in- caressing her face with my fingers and then my own face. Her eyes opened up in the near darkness of her room and she started laughing. While I was trying to put her to bed, I couldn't help myself. I rubbed the tip of my nose on her cheek again. And again. More laughter! Then full out belly laughs.

What a riot.

Sometimes all I need, all we really need, is a snuggle.

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