Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Creative Dresser

It is genetic, I suppose. When I was little, around age 3, I would dress myself in the most amazing outfits. I wish I could scan a picture that my parents have of me. I had dressed myself to go out in the snow. I had a rain coat on, mittens, a sun dress, a sun bonnet on top of my rain coat hood and big red boots. I thought I looked smashing. So did my parents.

It is this sort of creativity and individualism that I really want to foster in my Seren. Just do your own thing! She'll have the rest of her life to be told what is "right" and "wrong" and "appropriate" and "inappropriate". Right now she can just do what she feels is fun!

Which is why, around 9 am last week she decided that she MUST wear her Halloween costume. Who cares if she is still in her pjs? She wore it for over an hour. She buzzed around the room happy as can be.

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LauraC said...

Ooo, we can't even leave Nate's costume out because he would wear it every day. Cute pics!