Friday, December 28, 2007

It got worse before it got better

Christmas 2007 will be remembered as a mix of germs, smiles and exhaustion. As my last post indicated, Seren was sick last week. The stomach bug she picked up from some time at the local mall had us all in a tight grip through most of the Christmas holiday.

Thursday and Friday of last week had me returning home to a very tired, very needy, very sick little one. Seren went on a hunger strike for three days. She wouldn't eat and when she would, would vomit it back up! It was horrible! I ended my work week on a bad note- traveling in a commute that lasted over two hours.

Saturday came with a punch! We too were vomitting all day. It was horrible to be SO out of commission! We took turns dragging ourselves out of bed to hug Seren who insisted on being "up, up" in our arms. We slept and puked all morning. And then it got worse. Our sewer system backed up! We couldn't run water or flush a toilet without it all ending up in our downstairs bathroom! We have had this problem twice in the year. Clearly, we need to replace our entire sewer system! So there we were. Fevers. Chills. Puking. And not able to flush the toilet!!


The plumber came. We all went back to bed. We were supposed to leave for the Cape the next day at 10 in the morning. Nothing had been packed up. We still needed to purchase a few gifts. We called and changed our flight.

By Monday, we were on a plane. Seren was on the mend and so were we. Despite all of our warnings, my parents and brother insisted we come to Cape Cod. We were 24 hours out from our last puke when we arrived. Apparently, that wasn't time enough. We all had a great Christmas and then my mom and my brother were out of commission. 12 hours later? My dad.

So much for enjoying time as a family. We have been drinking ginger ale and praying to God it ends soon! :) What a year!

But we have been all together. As I write, all of us are feeling better, the sun is out and we have been on the beach. What could be btter?

Seren really enjoyed Christmas! Oh what fun we had watching her opening her presents! We went to Christmas eve services on Monday night. At the end of a hymn she cheered "Yeah!!" The entire church laughed at her enthusiasm. It was awesome! And so we enjoyed our time. My parents LOVE Christmas and were QUITE the elves. They gave her a play kitchen for the holiday and assembled it here on Cape Cod. She enjoys "cooking" soup for us! It took her HOURS to open the many presents. We spread it out over two days. She enjoyed just opening one gift at a time and playing with it. She rec'd many books. It has been great to extend Christmas out over a few days. She loves the tree and just smiles so widely when she sees a Christmas tree.

The words continue to come. The holidays have welcomed the words "wow!" "woah" and "ooh". We love to hear her mimic our sounds and words. Santa also brought her a tunnel to crawl through. This has been a big hit! She has really enjoyed the gifts but didn't anticipate them. It was refreshing! I couldn't help but to think what next year will bring. Last year, she LOVED tissue paper. SHe had just learned to sit a few weeks earlier. I think next year, if this year is any indication, she will be providing a running commentary.

We look forward to the next few days of relaxing with family, enjoying the quite of the woods, the waves on the beach and the time just focusing on being in the moment. Happy Holidays!

I'll be back to post pictures in a few days. I hope we captured some good ones. Despite the blog, the camera and the video tape, I still haven't figured out how to capture the joy I feel when I look at my little girl. It is hard to explain. Pure love. And if I needed any proof to myself how much I love her, I can just recall the moment when I leaned INTO the puke to comfort her when she was so sick.

I would do anything for that little munchkin. I am loving this week at home, the joys are many!

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