Thursday, December 13, 2007

Random Thoughts

Seren is bringing me so much joy these days. On a daily basis, we get new words. Yesterday's words were "ham, heart, tree, cheese and house". Not bad for one day! Kids are just giant sponges. It is just so fun!

She LOVES the Christmas tree! Loves it! Whenever we ask her about the tree, she sprints into the front room and stares at it. She loves to talk about all of the ornaments on the tree. Bear! Baa-baa (sheep)! Naa-naa (horse)! It is so much fun to watch her just talk about the tree. She really likes the angel on top. (She helped Dad put it there two weeks ago)

Today she fed herself cheerios with milk. It took her FOREVER to eat the cereal but man, she was proud of herself.

Lastly, we love to watch her run. She just sprints down the hall. Her legs move from side to side instead of up and down but man, she can cover some ground. I especially love watching her run with just a diaper on or naked. She giggles while she sprints. She seems to be so free!

We are also enjoying the many kisses. She has got it down now where we makes the kissing sound at the same time as delivering the kiss. A few days ago, there was a delay. She'd kiss us and a few seconds later we'd hear "wwmah". Last night, she was just SO tired. I was rocking her and singing like I usually do. She was growing heavy with sleep on my chest. She then sat up, held my face, gave me a kiss and curled back up in my arms. I ask myself, "Does it get any better than this?" Honestly!

Here is to finding joy in all of the small things! Like Cheerios and fresh milk!

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