Monday, February 11, 2008

Trip to DC! (Meeting Beth)

Has it really been a week since I have posted? We have been busy! We had a great time in DC over the past weekend. I am not sure where to begin since it included a rear-end accident (everyone is ok), seeing dear friends, meeting a blogging friend Beth, visiting my family and then Seren ending up in the ER (she is ok too). I'll post about the ER trip soon when I am feeling less crazed by the whole, this post will be part one of our trip.

The weather was perfect for our trip to the city! DC is such an exciting place- especially during an election! There is so much going on! So much excitement! (Do all of those people really stay out that late every night? You mean not everyone is in thier PJs by 8 pm?) We arrived late on Wednesday night and put Seren to sleep in her "other bed" as she called it. My blogging friend, Beth, (of Working it Out) read in my last post that we were headed to DC and suggested we meet up! She generously offered to meet my husband and Seren on Thursday morning while I was at a conference. Seren met William! How very cool! When asked if Seren and William "talked and played", Sam reported that "well, they almost played peek-a-boo!" I guess we are still at the parallel play stage. :) They all had a good time and Beth was so kind to meet them right before a busy work day.

Friday afternoon, after a long work conference, it was my turn to meet Beth. This time, we met sans kids and had lunch together. Beth was so warm, generous, down to earth, and funny. We had a great lunch!

The internet is such an odd and wonderful place. Odd because we only know the parts of our lives that we share in this public venue. We all "edit" our lives, our emotions, our reactions, and our stories. But it is also wonderful because only through the internet could I be meeting this friend in real life! And we already have so much in common! I have been so encouraged through the blogosphere and my blogging buds.

In advance of our meeting, I worried a little bit about the fact that it might be "awkward". I should not have given it a second thought- the meeting felt really natural to me! I don't know if she has blogged about our lunch, and what she may have said about me but I really enjoyed our time. (I even got to learn about squirrel hunting- something she posted about in passing and which has intriqued me ever since.) I think we'd be friends if we lived closer to one another. What a wonderful, fun, intelligent person! Thanks Beth for making it happen!

Part two of the DC trip will include pics of Seren and the capital- pigtails flying.


Megan said...

I can't get Blogger to "link" to Beth's blog. :( Read about Beth here:

LauraC said...

I read all about it on Beth's blog this morning and all I can say is I AM GREEN WITH ENVY! I was nervous before meeting Beth too but then after meeting her, I did all this deep thinking about who "attracts" me on the internet and keeps me interested in their thoughts. So even though we edit our thoughts and our words, you can still sense the real person inside the words.

Anyhoo, hope we get to meet IRL!!!