Thursday, February 21, 2008

We'll be leaving on a jet plane

Well, we'll leave in about 5 weeks but I am SO excited! We booked our flight to San Francisco! Yeah!! And for those of you who read this who are our "California Family", expect to see us in early April! Yeah!

I love having a big vacation/trip to look forward to. I can't wait to hike Mt. Tam, go to Point Reyes, eat a burrito in downtown Oakland, see the Habitat homes and of course introduce our daughter to our friends. There is just something about that place. I loved being 22 there, finding the love of my life, and exploring the great Bay Area. It will be good to go back. Really good.

We'll just have to pray for good weather and healthy family members.


LauraC said...

Too bad you're going at a different time than me and Jon! We're going for a week in June WITHOUT the boys!!!!!

Napa here we come!

Beth said...

That's so exciting Megan! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the good weather and hope that the germs stay away between now and then. I loved your last two posts, btw. Just didn't get a chance to comment. It's soooooo hard to be almost 2! Can't you just feel their angst? LOL!