Monday, March 31, 2008

Kissing the Boo-boos

We have entered the stage of boo-boos. Things that are broken have "boo-boos". Holes in socks? They have boo-boos too. We place band aids on teeny,tiny marks on knees. Most of the time, we can make it all better with kisses.

During the weekend, I am THE parent. Because I'm not around during the day in the work week, Seren likes to be with Mom all of the time during Saturday and Sunday. This is fine with me! I get to play and Sam has a chance to do all of the things he can't do during the week. (That being said, Sam still does a ton of work.) I say this, because she prefers me to do the silliest things. Like get her out of her high chair, etc. "No! Dada do! Momma do! Momma! Momma up!" Etc.

All three of us were playing in the living room Sunday night. Seren was running and slid her hip/butt right into the door frame. Crash. Tears. Sam offered, "Oh, come here, honey. I'll kiss the boo-boo on your butt."

Her response? Said through snuffles and sniffs and tears...

"NOO!! MOMMA kiss my butt! (snuffle, sniff)"

Momma kiss my butt? Oh jeez.


Beth said...

That's awesome Megan! Only the best for ole' Mommy, right? I'm glad you wrote this story down. It's a classic!

LauraC said...

That is hilarious!!