Monday, July 20, 2009

And a hush went over the crowd

Our family is loud. Very loud. Seren and Wyeth play a 'game' where Seren makes some loud noise and Wyeth erupts into hysterical laughter. His laughter is contagious and before you know it, I am laughing my classic 'tee-hee' laugh myself. All the while Seren is just yelling.

This game, while amazing because I love to watch my children interact is loud. Very loud.

And Seren herself isn't quiet. Sure, she'll entertain herself for a long period of time (sometimes up to 45 minutes- is that normal?) but she loves to just scream. Or sing. Or TALK.

That child can talk. And talk. And talk.

Today she woke up with laryngitis.

It has been eerie.

It actually is kinda....dare I say it? Quiet.

Of course her tired vocal chords don't stop her from trying to talk. Now she just squeaks.

I asked her why she thought she lost her voice. She squeaked her response, "Well, I think it is because I like to talk about a lot of things."

Truer words could not have been spoken.


Beth said...

Too funny, Megan. Enjoy the break while it lasts! And I hope Seren gets better soon.

Julie said...

LOL! Lana often wakes up with a scratchy voice from all the TALKING, singing and screeching (for fun). I can't imagine how loud things are going to be with another child in the mix! The funny thing is, Lana doesn't like loud noises--firetrucks, live bands, foghorns, etc. I always say to her--have you heard how loud you can be?

I am SO very jealous that Seren can entertain herself for 45 minutes!! Unless TV is on (bad mommy), the most I get is 45 seconds!!!